It has been 60 years since the association was set up in1950, with the number of its members increased from 47 to 889 (Mar. 2013). It is the biggest association of doctors of Chinese medicine across Taiwan. Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is blessed with a galaxy of talented people and splendid culture. In order to adapt to the multi-polar society and the advent of information era, the association, along with the Anniversary Member Meeting and the Board of Directors and Supervisors (with 27 directors and 9 supervisors), organizes committees of academic study, journal editing, compilation and examination of essays, research of laws and decrees, health-care, social service, medical consultation, medical evaluation, public relations, production of publicity, international exchanges, social activities, sport activities, appeals consulting, finance management, service to members, welfare of members, information services, examination of plans for academic study as well as singing society of association members, revealing academic research, modernization and globalization of the association.

This Association organizes the Anniversary Member Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Board of Supervisors, and 23 committees.

2.Membership Qualification
by profession in Taipei should become members of this association. At present, the association has 889 members and 475 hospitals of Chinese medicine in operation (Mar. 2013).

3. Anniversary Member Meeting
The member meeting shall be held once a year, together with the celebration of the Taiwan Chinese Medical Doctors Festival (March 17).

4. Board of Directors
Every three years, at the Anniversary Member Meeting, the association elects 27 members as directors to form the Board of Directors. The Board has 9 executive directors elected from among directors. Then, president of the board is elected from among the executive directors. The Meeting of Board of Directors is held once every three months.

5. Board of Supervisors
Every three years, at the Anniversary Member Meeting, the association elects 9 members as supervisors to form the Board of Supervisors. The Board has 3 executive supervisors elected from among supervisors. Then, chief supervisor of the board is elected from among the executive supervisors.

6. Committees
In order to seek for the well-being of association members, protect the common right and interest of members and help out the activities of this association, the association organizes 23 committees. On every committee, there are 5-10 committee members who were engaged by the Board of Directors. The commissioner in each committee was appointed from among the committee members.

7. Association Executives
The association executives are in charge of administrative works. They include one general secretary, one specialist and two secretaries.